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Executive Summary

dosvisionsinnovative service from identical solutions!
Our names are Denise Hendrickson and Debra Hendrickson founders of dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! A Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm and we’ll be your Marketing Analysts’ as you journey with us.  We will answer all your questions and help you make informed decisions about your company marketing product/service needs.
Over our unique lives, encompassed with malicious assumptions and business savvy experiences, we ascertained projectable fundamental tools to develop dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions!
We didn’t consider dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! a risky challenge, although over the years, our winning results were overlooked in corporate boardrooms and offices for promotions, credit and longevity.  We made our dreams and goals of dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! a reality.
We developed an intuitive sense, dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! a trend, a positive example that would change lives, business and marketing.  dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions!  adapted to the proven Marketing Analysis strategy to satisfy you, the customer advertising project/service needs. We experienced many short-term setbacks, but our educational achievements obtained from Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA and memberships such as: Future Business Leaders of America on  St. Thomas, VI and Professional Service Group, Marketing Department, New Brunswick, NJ gave us clarity about long-term fundamentals.  Peace, self-confidence, great ambition, self-respect, patience and understanding are some of dosvisions principles to deal with random and uncertain short-term events that inevitably come in the path of goals. dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! personify our peaceful beginning to build wealth and success.

A Team Of Identical Twin Sisters
Debra Hendrickson, President and Denise Hendrickson, President

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dosvisions...Denise Hendrickson and Debra Hendrickson

dosvisions...innovative service from identical solutions!

Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm


September 2007

              We, Denise Hendrickson, President and Debra Hendrickson, President wrote our Dynamic Business Plan consisting of 139 pages that were surveyed by Staff Specialists of the State of New Jersey Employment Service, Workforce Department in Union County Plainfield, NJ and Small Business Development Center for the State of New Jersey.


                In many ways the growth and development of dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions!  mirrors that of Denise and Debra early childhood education from their parents to their many sales/marketing experiences which lends themselves to be ready for changes and challenges.


Addressing the changes and challenges requires open minds, innovative ideas and creative solutions.  Denise and Debra know…letting go/of the way it has always been… for the way it works best now!   Particularly as we celebrate the answer to the burning question, "where do you see yourselves in the next 10 years?"  dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! is appropriate and necessary to look at where we are and where we want to be.


                dosvisions…novative service from identical solutions! Dynamic Business Plan is to share with those who don’t know Denise Hendrickson and Debra Hendrickson story and for you to cherish for years to come.


Consult to develop your speciality magazine
dosvisions...Debra Hendrickson and Denise Hendrickson

Vol.1 Num. 1
January 2008

      January 2008, Debra P. Hendrickson and Denise P. Hendrickson built their first Specialty Magazine, All About You… for their Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm.


     The first issue of ALL ABOUT YOU Magazine voiced:


     The Stories about women who have soared ahead in their chosen field, despite their obstacles.


     The Ideas of leadership compiled with leading-edge technology, produced encouraging advertisements, survey results, progress reports, literary writing and marketing analyst reports for winning results.


      The Words of Solutions 2 Profit, Healthy Living, Spoken Words,

and many more varieties transcended in All About You Magazine.


     We, dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! share today a variety of persuasive articles that we hope can change and educate in a historical manner.


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All About You Magazine.